We are currently only wholesaling microgreens. Our intentions are to offer more vegetables starting Summer of 2022. Thanks!


What are Microgreens?
Microgreens are harvested soon after planting, they are used to tempt the eye as well as the palate. They can be used as a garnish, in salads, on soups and sandwiches, in spring rolls, and in countless other ways. In addition to the beauty and flavor that microgreens and shoots can add to a dish, several studies proved that microgreens contain higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients than mature plants.

The best pricing and most consistent availability come via pre-orders and standing orders. There is no order minimum. Please contact Dylan Ihnat directly at 267-221-6904 or at CleanGreenFarmer@gmail.com to discuss your options. We’re happy to provide samples by request!

Packaging & Delivery
We harvest and pack our microgreens the same day we deliver. Microgreens are packaged in clear bags for restaurants and caterers. All products can be safely stored in bags. Bags are then delivered to your location. 

Shelf Life
Our microgreens and shoots are cut and delivered the same day, providing our customers with the highest quality product and shelf life. The expected shelf life for our products is about 10 days from harvest when properly refrigerated.

Standard Products

Microgreen Mixes

    • Greens Mix – This is a mix of mildly flavored brassicas, which contains Red Arce Cabbage, Tatsoi and Broccoli. Mostly green with a touch of red.
    • Spicy Mix - A colorful blend of red and green mustards with various textures. A good mix of red and green color with a kick of heat.
    • Rainbow Radish Mix – Range of red to purple steams and leaves with a mildly spicy flavor.

Individual Varieties

    • Pea Shoots – Dark green leaves with a mild, sweet pea flavor. Harvested at 3-4 inches.
    • Sunflower Shoots – Crisp, juicy, crunchy shoots with a mild, nutty flavor.
    • Arugula – Fresh, delicate and nutty.
    • Daikon Radish – Crisp, spicy flavor. Green leaves and white stems.
    • Cilantro – Intricate green leaves with an amazing cilantro flavor.

Specialty Products

Individual Specialty Varieties
We can also grow individual varieties of Green or Purple Pac Choi, Green or Red Mustard, Green or Red Mizuna, Red Russian Kale, Green Kale, Bull’s Blood Beet, Red or Yellow Chard, Bright Lights Chard and anything else you would like us to try. 

Custom Mixes
We can grow a mix of microgreens custom made for your restaurant or catering. These mixes are grown and harvested to your specifications. We can mix any microgreens.

Please contact Dylan Ihnat (267-221-6904 or CleanGreenFarmer@gmail.com) for specific pricing questions. 

Thank you for your time.
We look forward to working with you!