Work at Clean Green Growers

Below is a list of available job openings. Click on the links for job information

1.  Farm Crew

 Candidates should have:

  • Ability to work in seasonal weather conditions 
  • Can work both individually and as part of a crew
  • Attention to detail and working efficiently
  • Well tempered communication skills 
  • Valid Drivers license helps 
  • Upbeat motivated attitude 
  • Values a cohesive work environment
  • Customer service oriented is a plus

What are the benefits?

  • Hands on invaluable experience into the challenges of starting a market garden.
  • Being a part of a regenerative agriculture system that's mission is to create a system that is not only regenerating the soil and habitat but also developing systems to make it economically viable for others to learn and achieve.
  • Gaining insight into direct to consumer marketing and sales.
  • Leadership and communication skills.
  • Free Produce from the farm.
  • Online workshops into learning all the details from soil health, pest management. Top to bottom how to run a market garden and grow great nutrient dense produce. 

How to apply ?

  1. Fill out our application click here
  2. Email your resume to
  3. Phone Interview
  4. Interview 3 hours of working together on the farm (paid)


If  you have any questions about the positions or the hiring process email to We look forward to working with you.